Triceratops Dinosaur Night Light – Eliza's Lighting
Triceratops Dinosaur Night Light
Triceratops Dinosaur Night Light

Triceratops Dinosaur Night Light

Eliza's Lighting
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Imagine if our rhinoceroses of today had three horns on their head instead of two.

Now imagine they lived 66 million years ago in North America and not Africa.

Let’s go a step further and imagine they were double the size!

And voila, now you have a Triceratops!

Let’s rather skip all this exhausting imagining and simply turn on your bedside night light.

There we go, a beautiful triceratops in miniature form, just for you.

A happy herbivore that will guard your room against any unwanted nightmares, especially the grumpy ol’ T-rex!



Bulb Type: Internal LED

Switch: Cordline On/Off Switch

Colour: Deep Brownish-Black that turns Bright Gold when lit up

Item Dimensions: 

Height: 175mm (H)

Width: 157mm (W)