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Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Night Light
Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Night Light

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Night Light

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Measuring as long as a swimming pool and weighing the same as eight elephants, Brachiosaurus is a colossus among dinosaurs! 

Unfortunately, this doesn't make him very practical for sitting on a bedside table, except for now. 
Operating on a 6-volt adaptor with an internal LED bulb, this much, MUCH smaller Brachiosaurus's body lights up from within, making him a perfectly safe option for your child's bedroom. 

Not only that but the low wattage and long life of the LED bulb makes this dazzling dino an environmentally sustainable choice and sound economic investment!
Bulb Type: Internal LED
Switch: Cordline On/Off Switch
Colour: Brownish-Red that turns Gold once lit up
Item Dimensions: 
Height: 200mm (H)
Length: 380mm (L)