Tresco Bollard Stainless Steel – Eliza's Lighting
Tresco Bollard Stainless Steel

Tresco Bollard Stainless Steel

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Tresco Bollard Light Stainless Steel

The beauty of outdoor and garden lights have been appreciated for as long as interiors structures have been illuminated, growing as new elements and more lights were added to create a complete atmosphere that’s both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor lighting elevates your outdoor living environment as well as your overall property value, by making it safe to traverse in the dark of night and increasing the amount of time you can enjoy the outdoors.

Each lighting element is important to light the way, provide safety, security and style, also make a property seem larger when placed strategically.

The right lighting fixture makes a home look welcoming, safe, comfortable and more attractive. Adding charm and personality with the right lighting will make you enjoy even more your exterior area.

LED ready Garden Bollard. LED ready, the Tresco bollard path light is suitable for use with GU10 halogen lamps, LED lamps and Fluorescent lamps.

Tresco's low-glare reflector, provides pleasant lighting in your outdoor area. Designed for outdoor use in most applications, the Tresco is supplied in stainless steel.

The post is 60mm diameter and open at the bottom to allow mositure to escape.

- Bulb type - GU10
- Energy efficient - Energy saving LED Ready
- IP rating - IP44

Stainless Steel

H: 590mm D: 190mm BD: 130mm