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Marit Table Lamp Antique Brass
Marit Table Lamp Antique Brass

Marit Table Lamp Antique Brass

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Sufficient lighting is just one of the basics to a productive workday and to create an inviting room atmosphere with soft pools of ambient light. Whether you work in a home office or not, the character and quality of a Desk Lamp can help increase your productivity, be practical and beautiful also.

Your desk deserves a lamp worthy of the work done there, increasing your energy, reducing eyestrain and headaches, making your workspace an organized, stylish haven of efficiency.

Designer Desk Lamps are all about the perfect balance of form and function, offering decorative light as well as a task light. Modern Desk Lamps achieved the perfect marriage between design and engineering, offering a lot of flexibility so you get just the right amount of light focused on your task or reading materials.

The MARIT TABLE LAMP has a modernist vibe, provides an ample spread of direct light in a thoughtfully engineered, energy-efficient design, and is an architectural, functional lighting fixture that “goes with” the rest of your space.


Bulb Type: Internal LED - 3000K (Warm White)

Switch: Touch Button on Base

Colour: Antique Brass

Item Dimensions:

Height: 550mm (H)

Shade Dimensions: 115mm (W)

Base Dimensions: 160mm (W)