Devon Floor Lamp Blue / Black Coal – Eliza's Lighting
Devon Floor Lamp Blue / Black Coal
Devon Floor Lamp Blue / Black Coal

Devon Floor Lamp Blue / Black Coal

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Floor lamps can be added to a room as decorative or functional pieces of lighting, adding the perfect amount of warmth and instantly making the space seem larger.

Floor lamps truly shine when it comes to adding layers to your room's lighting plan, bringing extra brightness to your home’s lighting. It can provide additional ambient lighting in a room or act as task lighting for reading and other activities.

The DEVON FLOOR LAMP is a versatile fixture that can look and perform well in almost any room in the house.

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home with a stylish floor lamp.

Whether for your loungeroom or for decoration, the DEVON FLOOR LAMP will complement your room without competing with it.


Bulb Type: E27

Switch: On/Off Foot Switch

Colour: Graphite / Blue

Item Dimensions:

Height: 1450mm

Base Dimensions: 230mm